The Assholes of Craigslist!

You know the type- people who offer less than half of your price and
act as if they're doing you a favor. Poeple who never show up to an
arranged meeting. Poeple who insist on your home address. Poeple who
ask to mail you an item to another state.

They are the assholes of craigslist. The people who make buying or
selling an absolute nightmare because they can't just leave honest
people alone.

Craigslist policy states that ratting these troublemakers out is
against the rules. Well, fuck craigslist and their protections. It's
time to call these dipshits out and expose them.

I do my business via Cincinnati craigslist and the site is FILLED with
these people. They tend to inhabit the video games section as a primary
hangout but you can find these morons everywhere.

If you are one of the listed assholes and wish your information
removed, TOUGH SHIT. Plan on staying on this page. Legal threats do not
frighten me.

Asshole # 1 : Larry Young AKA Mike Young, Jr.
email address:

The Offense: Larry Young has no money. His offense happens to be a case
of harassing sellers, attempting to force them to sell at lower
prices, then making public RE: posts to complain when they won't meet
his ridiculous offers.

He will often resort to the tactic of finding a low price at an online
store, even when said store is out of stock and any and all current
online sale prices are higher than your asking price. He also resorts to
filthy lies and will resort to claiming that "numerous" thrift stores
sell your item for less, yet refuses to offer any proof, such as the
phone numbers or locations of such thrift stores.

His father is a total bastard, a redneck braggart who will email
anyone who yells at his prick son as if his threats mattered.

Asshole # 2 : Frank Rodziewicz
email address:

The Offense: Frank Rodziewicz is a toy reseller, operating out of area
flea markets and likely online auctions. He gathers stock through
craigslist sales, but is a lowballer. He will DEMAND you sell toys to
him for a bargain, call you all sorts of awful names, and then act as 
if his offer is "more than you will get". Even when told to take a hike, 
he continues this behavior, believing that if he calls someone an idiot
enough times, they will do as he says.

He also insists on a price discount if he has to travel to pick up, but
offers no travel reimbursement if you have to meet him.

Unfortunately, this is not a case of some immature 20-something with no
social skills. This man is in his 50s. I suspect he is senile.

Asshole # 3: name unknown
email address:

The Offense: This person is a scam buyer out for free toys. This is
how they operate-

The person is interested in the toys you have for sale, but at the
last minute, claim they can not meet and will send someone to pick
up on their behalf. The deal goes as arranged. A few hours later, they
will email you back, claiming you sold them an item other than what was
advertised. IF you agree to refund them, you will likely be given back
garbage instead of the actual goods you sold them.

I did not let this go that far. I kindly told them to take a fucking

Asshole # 4 : Ken Tarmack
email address:

The Offense: Ken Tarmack is a redneck, racist BIGOT who believes it's
his duty in life to play craigslist price police. Upon being emailed 
about this, he resorted to numerous racial slurs, including "nigger"
and "mongrel". He continues this mindless behavior to this day and 
has even flooded 4chan with his racist garbage.

Asshole # 5 : unknown
email address:

The Offense: This person is an Amazon marketplace seller who buys
"deals" on craigslist to resell online. However, this person
resorts to lies and deception to purchase goods. She will claim she
wants to buy the merchandise as a gift for someone, often a boyfriend,
but the item will be listed on Amazon the same day. This is slimy
and deceptive. If they can not tell the truth then they should not
be buying from people.

Asshole # 6 : Dan Wright
email address:

The Offense: Dan Wright was trying to sell illegal CD-ROM discs burned
with emulators and ROM files in the sumemr of 2009. After his ads were 
flagged, Dan resorted to emailing anyone selling legit gaming hardware to
curse them out, then began making public RE: posts claiming he had
legal permission to sell ROM files.

His claims also spread into claiming he had emulator patents, game
company permission, a lawyer backing him up, and a sheriff in the family
willing to protect him from any legal troubles. He also made threats
of lawsuits, physical violence and threats of computer hacking to
anyone who challenged his bullshit.

Perhaps his biggest lie was claiming that he'd been working on computers
since the 1970s. This lie was debunked when it was discovered he had
an account on a social networking site for teens.

He has not been seen in some time. I personally forwarded one of his
threatening emails to Nintendo and Dan has not shown his face since.
No doubt he faced legal troubles.